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Model Kat Gulling
I've missed doing a blog post the last few weeks.  That's what happens when you do lots of photoshoots and make commitments to turn the photos around quickly.  Bottomline, something has to give.  And hey, my employer would frown on me if I decided to do photo processing or blog posting during the business day....
Anyway, what have I been doing you say.  Why, thanks for asking.  I've decided to move from a PC based platform over to the world of Macs.  Yes, some might say I've gone to the darkside, but with as much horsepower that all the Adobe products required I decided to upgrade and go to a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  It's taking me some time to get everything up and going.
Also I've been doing quite a few model shoots.   These have either been portfolio shoots or lighting tests.  Every one of the shoots was a great time with some really skilled models, MUA & hair stylist.  I promise I'll write a blog post or two this month and then get back on pace.  Anyway here are some sneak peaks of photos from some of the sessions!
Lighting test with Anna Reed
Session with Model April Berry
Photoshoot with model Kristen Grable
Portfolio shoot for model / dancer Caroline Nauth
Model Cecilia Hernandez of BMG Models Chicago

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