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Panorama of the sitting area one display wall - Paul's Red, Yellow & Blue works
Yes sir, M10 Studio is in new digs.  Same building but in a new studio.  We've moved from about 900 square feet to more than double that amount.  On top of that we have a nicer seating area, an office, seperate gallery, a kitchen and longer shooting area.  Needless to say, I'm a happy boy. 
Another display wall which can double as a simple grey background for headshots - Paul's Green works
We had our public opening this past Friday during downtown Indianapolis' IDADA First Friday.  Studio mate, Paul D'Andrea was the main exhibition with his amazing Colors project.  It was so cool.  We had tons of people, friends and other creatives come out and visit the studio.  I even had a chance to display 3 of my recent black & white model shoot photographs. 
Another display wall - my photos of models Peyton Drew, Emmy Lindgren & Caroline Nauth
I even celebrated by placing a large order with B&H Camera & Video in NYC to get an additional Elinchrom studio light, several new light diffusers / softfboxes, an Manfrotto Super Boom and some more Elinchrom EL-SkyPort triggers / receivers.  My wallet is a bit lighter with the move and the new kit, but I'm pumped.  Now I just have to schedule some shoots.  Stay tuned!  PS, sorry for the image quality - photos shot with my iPhone...

Jacks Von Liria in Black & White

Expanding !!