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Critiqued On TWIP

Wow, This Week in Photos (TWIP) is a well known photo related podcast hosted by Fredrick Van Johnson.  The theme of the show is to bring on 2-3 well know photographers and talk about all thing photography.  TWIP also has an active presence on social media primarily Google+ where they have an active community and do hangouts.
Well as part of their 300th show, "This is Sparta", they are starting a new segment.  The segment is a photo critique.  They pick one or two photos posted on their community on Google+ and they have at it.  Click on the link to listen to the show.  The critique starts at the 54th minute.
Surprisingly my image of model Peyton Drew was the first image the show critiqued.  I was stunned, but really appreciated their comments.  Obviously, everyone looks at an image differently and from a different perspective, but overall got thumbs up on the photo.
Check it out!

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