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Big Change

I've been a dedicated PC / Windows user for as long as I've had a computer.  All of my photography is processed using my current HP desktop.  It has served me well, and I know it like the back of my hand.
However, I tend to run very processor or memory intensive programs like Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Lightroom 4.1, etc.  And listen to music all at the same time.  Unfortunately, my desktop is starting to show it's age and it's been freezing up recently, or just running extremely SLOOOOW. 
Anyway, I considered upgrading my current desktop, buying a new tricked out PC desktop, get a powerful PC notebook OR switch to Mac.  After research and checking out what others use, I've decided to make the BIG change and move to Mac. On top of that I'm ditching my desktop for portability.  This is one thing that really helped my decision, by the way.  I purchased today an Apple MacBook Pro 15".
This computer is going to be a beast (I hope).  It comes with a 768 GB solid state flash hardrive, 2,8Ghz processor, and 16GB RAM.  Also, Retina display.  I know with Mac's the specs are touted as much as with PC's, but I wanted to get the most powerful machine I could get that wasn't customized. 
So, now I have a HUGE learning curve infront of me, and the task of transferring all of my programs.  Actually, I'm only going to transfer my photos and documents.  I'll install new Mac specific software including Lightroom and Photoshop.  I'm also going to install the Mac version of Office.
I suspect the transition will take some time, so I expect to keep things going on my desktop until I get things loaded and get comfortable with the new MacBook Pro.  Bottomline, it was a chunk of change, but as much as I use a computer for my photography I consider it an investment.

MacBook Pro Update

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