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I had an opportunity to do 3 photoshoots this weekend at our M10 Studio.  All 3 were with Indianapolis model Caroline Nauth.  Thought I would give you a quickie rundown of the shoots.

The first shoot was primarily as a photo-gopher for a photog colleague who wanted to use our studio.  He had hired Caroline to do his shoot, so it was perfect.  As soon as he was done, a quick studio straightening up and then my shoot would kick off. 

My first shoot was a collaboration between me, Caroline and my go-to MUA, Sasha Star.  Caroline wanted to try a "Tim Burton" type vibe.  Sasha was totally in, and so was I. 

Caroline getting her Tim Burton on
Right after the first session wrapped up, Sasha arrived and we jumped right in.  Took about 1 hour for the makeup.  We shot in studio and in the industrial space.  Very cool.

On Sunday, I joined LA based fashion photographer, and my 2 studio partners, Paul D'Andrea & Eric Schoch along with MUA Jacks Von Liria to photograph Caroline.  This shoot was all about darks and lights since the shots were going to be processed in B&W.   

Believe it or not, same girl!
We started early (because today was the Super Bowl) with Jacks working his magic on Caroline's makeup and hair.  We used a single beauty dish along with several black foam core light blockers.  We spent about 3 hours going through 4 clothing changes....Caroline, not the photographers, and really came out with some amazing photos.

OK, that's it for now.  Once again it's great to work with a talented model...and hey, anytime I get behind a camera it's all good.

More detailed blog post on the shoots ASAP.  Wait for it!!

Sculpted Light with Emmy & Caroline

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