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Teaser Alert - Guest Blog

Don't ask, don't get.  I've been following Netherlands based fashion photographer Frank Doorhof for some time.  He burst on the scene about 3 years ago in the model / fashion scene.  Trust me people, this is a photographer with skills.  He's active in fashion photography, social media, workshops, podcasts & is now one of Scott Kelby's minions.

This week I emailed him asked if I could write a guest blog post on his very active website StudioFD.  I sent him a sample of my writing, and a link to my blog.  Guess what - he followed up and said "bring it on".  I sent him a draft post this week and tonight he said lets do it.

So tonight I sent him the final post along with images. Fingers crossed it will get posted and then I'll be able to spread some Indianapolis model photography style & techniques to Europe!!

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