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It's been uber busy the last few weeks with Thanksgiving and activity around my day job.  Oh yes loyal readers I have a day job and it isn't related to photography.  My day job helps fund my photography "Jones", as well as funds family, etc., get the idea.

Anyway, even though I've been busy the last few weeks and therefore somewhat lacking on my blogging activity I've still been able to get in a couple of model photoshoots.  Both have been fun and results have been good. 

Just wanted to give you a quickie update.  The first shoot was with Indianapolis model, Wendy Pund.  Wendy helped me test out my new Nikon D600 full frame DSLR.  I posted about my initial experience earlier, and will post more on the D600 and the shoot with Wendy ASAP.  In the meantime, here is a shot we both really liked.

Model Wendy Pund
And then just this weekend I did another shoot with my D600.  This time with model Annie Patrick Vowell.  The theme of this shoot was TATTOO, and shooting out of the studio with just only 1 studio strobe versus the normal full setup.  Annie did a nice job working with me in a number of interesting lighting conditions.  We are both happy with the results so far.  I'll blog on this shoot shortly, but in the meantime, here's Annie in a darkened area of the Circle City Industrial Complex where M10 Studio is located.

Model Annie Patrick Vowell
Kind of a Joan Jett look going on if I do say so myself.  Stay tuned to this channel for posts on each shoot, and a couple of new film cameras I recently purchased.  Yes, there is more than digital in photography.

Nikon D600 & Wendy

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