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Went to Travis Little's October Creative Meetup (Artist Gathering) at the End Of The Line in Fountain Square.  I had hoped to stay the evening and chat with friends and introduce myself to others that I wanted to meet, but I had to leave after about 45 minutes.  No problems I still got to chat with Dean Scott & Paul D'Andrea.  Also another photographer (name escapes me) who shoots medium format film ... nice.
Anyway, one of the things I had planned to do was to photograph the participants with the cameras I mentioned in yesterday's blog post.  I did have time to shoot about 6 photos with my Filmtastic Debonair and a couple of Polaroids. 
The Polaroid Colorpack III worked great with Fujifilm FP-100C & a flashcube. 
The Polaroid Spirit 600 also worked well with an expired pack of Polaroid 600.  The images are a not that rich, but for a pack that is expired, I'm just glad the battery had juice to fire off the images. 
A short, but fun night talking with several people about photography!  I could do that ALL NIGHT.

Anthology by Gregory Hancock

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