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Just a quicky post tonight.  Tomorrow evening after work I'm going to a local Artist Meetup in Indianapolis to meet with and chat up a large group of artist and creative types.  You know your painters, models, makeup artists, photographers.  Your basic right side brainers.
Anyway, what I've done the last couple of meetups is bring a few Polaroid cameras, and popping off a few shots.  Most of the time people look at me like I have 3 eyes, but some get a giggle out of it.   I almost always shoot digital in studio and for my "real" photography, but I've been shooting film just for fun and for street photography. 
Here's what I'm bringing to this month's Meetup.  You have a Polaroid Colorpack III that I blogged about yesterday, a Polaroid Spirit 600, and a Plastic Fantastic 120 Debonair.  The Debonair is toting a Vivitar 3700 that I picked up at Goodwill.  Oh yes I am also bringing a box of Flashcubes for the Colorpack.
The Colorpack will be shooting some new Fujifilm FP-3000c, the Spirit 600 a couple of packs of expired Polaroid 600 (fingers crossed that the batteries are still good) and the Debonair a 120 roll of Kodak Portra.  Should get some interesting photos.
And here are the my plastic wonders:

October Creative Meetup

The Polaroid Colorpack III