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My wife bought me a really nice birthday gift yesterday, OK, OK, I bought it myself.  I purchased a Sekonic L-358 FlashMaster light meter.  Excellent. 

Say Hello To My Little Friend
Think of a light meter the same way as when our Government votes to spend money to improve training for our military.  Not as sexy as authorizing a new fighter, but just as if not more important.  Same with the light meter.  It would have been sexier to buy (sorry, for my wife to buy for my birthday) a new Nikon D800 or a new set of Elinchrom lights, but I feel I needed the light meter to get the lighting control I desire.

I photograph more than 50% of my sessions in studio recently.  While in studio I use various studio lights and speedlights.  The challenge I often have especially when using seamless backgrounds is getting the lighting spot on.  I know, I know I can fix it in post, or I can shoot a series of test shots, but I would prefer getting it right in camera early.  Also, I've recently ventured back to film as part of my photographic adventure.  Funny thing, most of the film cameras I have or that I've recently purchased don't have light meters.  I can use an iPhone app or Sunny 16, but this allows me to nail the exposure pronto.

Also, kudos to Roberts Camera in Indianapolis.  I like to shop local and I enjoy Roberts.  They have a knowledgeable staff, their store is well equipped and their staff are just cool.  However, their prices tend to be on the high side especially when compared to B&H.  I went to Roberts on a whim at lunch yesterday and guess what, the Sekonic was the SAME price as from B&H.  The extra $$ I paid for tax is more than made up by not having to hassle with the signature delivery.  A win-win.

Anyway, I'm extremely happy with my new tool in the photographic toolbox, and now I'm itchy to go out and give it a workout.  Stay tuned.

DY Model Shoot

Nature Girl