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Our M10 Studio is approximately 800 sq feet in the Circle City Industrial Complex.  However, "behind the scenes" of the studio lurks the under-belly of the complex.  It's very industrial.  Although it is being refurbished into small business spaces, it's still very gritty.  This is going to be an EXCELLENT space for photoshoots.  You KNOW I'm going to plan a model shoot in these spaces. 

Stay tuned my friends,

All photos were shot with available light in Aperture priority.  Images were shot with either my Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8G or Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G.  Settings were either at 200 ISO when on a tripod or 1600 ISO hand held. 

There will be a couple of challenges shooting in this area.  First the lighting and second the lack of available power outlets. 

The lighting challenge can be handled, but it will be a constant and changing variable.  During the day most of the light is harsh and mixed.  Some areas have large, industrial lights giving off a bluish caste. In other areas there are hard shadows created by direct or diffused light coming through the windows.  Often this light sources mix.  Also, the lights change as you move throught he spaces and based on the time of day.   This is one reason shooting in RAW file format is so important, and to NOT shoot in automatic white balance.

In most shots, especially some of the darker areas, studio or speedlights will be needed.  This means BYOP (bring your own power).  In the smaller / tighter areas speedlights will work perfectly so no dramas here.  However, there are going to be times I'll want to use larger lights.  Portable batteries will be required.  Again, no major issue, it just means more planning and more stuff to carry around.  Oh, the perils of a photographer...

Bottomline these spaces provide excellent gritty / industrial areas to shoot.

Mystery Man

M10 Studio Opening in Time Lapse