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Welcome to my portfolio site including photos, my blog, contact information and social media links

Our photography studio has been christened, M10 Studio.

Why M10 Studio you ask?  Well because we thought it was cool, unique, and reflects the area where the studio is located.  If you drive to the end of Massachusetts Avenue "Mass Ave" in Indianapolis it intersects with 10th Street, and there is a large sculpture "Mass 10".  I drove by it one day and POW, M10 was born. 

Paul D'Andrea has secured the URL and the site is currently under construction.  The M10studio URL will be the repository for our blog, gallery, webstore, links to our personal websites, etc. Our plan is to have our formal opening during Indianapolis's art galleries First Friday on May 4th.

So, stay tuned for more M10 Studio information and come see the photography of Paul D'Andrea and Eric Schoch, and me!

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