Steven Brokaw Photography

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I've decided to make the plunge and go in with two other Indianapolis based photographers and open a studio / gallery.  Over the past few weeks I've been focusing on the business side of getting the studio going versus actually shooting.  Only so much time in a day.

The studio will be located in the Center Studios in the Circle City Industrial Complex.  This is a large industrial complex that is being revitalized as an Artist Complex & light industry / offices at the end of Massachusetts "Mass" Avenue in Indy.  It's actually at 1125 Brookside Avenue near the corner of Mass & 10th.  It's convenient to downtown, at the end of the growing part of Mass Avenue, has a huge parking lot, and tons of room to expand.  Not only that it has incredible industrial / urban spaces that we can use if needed.

Paul D'Andrea & Eric Schoch are the other 2 photographers.  Paul is taking the leading role since he's doing this full time.  Personally, my main goal is to have a location to call home to do model and portrait shoots, store some of my equipment, have a gallery space and generally hange out with other creative types.  I definitely plan to keep my day job!

More exciting news to come including opening event, studio name and logo.  We've decided on the studio name, but holding off until we get the domain registered.

Entrance to the studio through the Yellow section

Looking West to downtown Indy infront of the entrance

Home of our new photography studio & gallery

M10 Studio Is Born

Contemporary Glamour