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Went to the local Indianapolis Creative Gathering aka Artist Meetup at the Khoury Restaurant in Broad Ripple.  Got a chance to chat with several local artist, primarily photographers.  Event is organized monthly by a local Indianapolis uber-painter Travis Little.

One fun thing is that I brought several of my newly acquired Polaroid cameras and my Polaroid Spectra II that I've had for years, but just recently brought out.  Took a few shots of the people I chatted with.  As you can tell, the quality of the film leaves much to be desired, but come on, it's a Polaroid and you are supposed to get muted colors and limited contrast.

Careful shooting Polaroid film.  A key is to get film from the Impossible Project or depending on the Polaroid model, from Fujifilm.  Most film you get off the internet from Polaroid is well past it's used by date.  Any, oh by the way, the film is pricey....

The following are from my Polaroid Spectra camera.

Stacy, Paul, Ryan & Wilbur, all local photographers

Hey, it's me! Photo by Paul

Polaroid Colorpack II - Part Deux

Polaroid Colorpack II - Retro Goodness