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Shamless Self Promotion Alert - f/2.8

An Essential For Any Photographer's Car !!

I know you've seen the bumper stickers that say "26.2" on them, right?  I always wondered what they meant. Then one day I learned it was the distance of a marathon (and to think I ran one before, and it hadn't clicked).  Anyway, get it, there is a marathon runner in this car.

I thought it would be fun for photographers to have an equivalent, so a light popped on.  I'll create my own.  I went online, found a site, and played around with several ideas and found a simple design I liked.  Here you have it, "f/2.8".  Only a photographer will know, that car has a photo enthusiast on board.

The shameless promotion part, I'll sell them, and I put my blog URL on it as well

I decided to go ahead and have a bunch of the bumper stickers made up.  I figured I could put one on my car or on my photo notebook.  And, hey, if anyone wanted purchase one to trick-out their car, I'd have a few available.

So, if anyone wants to buy one, shoot me an email at and we can work out the details.  I'll charge the low price of $3.50, and you can pay me via PayPal.  Operators are standing by!

Be the first one on your block to have a, f/2.8 bumper sticker!  You can thank me later :)

Dirty car not included

Polaroid Colorpack II - Retro Goodness

Indianapolis XLVI