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Photographers have a great way to stay up to date with the latest in photography, learn new techniques & follow their favorite photographers.  This is through Podcasts, but audio and / or video podcasts.  A podcast is simply an audio or audio/video interview or discussion on a selected topic.  Most of the time the podcast includes “show notes” on the podcast’s website or subscription service that link you to topics, photographers, or other items discussed in the podcast.

Being an iPhone user I have an easy way to access many photography podcasts through free subscriptions using iTunes.  You can also access most podcasts through other online subscription services plus directly through the photographer’s websites.  I’ve become a huge fan of podcasts and regularly listen to them on my way to work or when I have some down time. 

Here are the podcasts that I follow:

·         The Candid Frame”, host / interviewer / photographer – Ibarionex Perello
·         Tips From The Top Floor”, host / interviewer / photographer – Chris Marquardt
·         Chasing The Light”, host / photographer – Ibarionex Perello
·         TWiT Photo”, host / interviewer – Leo Laporte; host / photographer – Catherine Hall
·         The Two Hosers”, hosts / interviewers / photographers – Allan Attridge & Adam Schwartz (just started listening to this podcast)
·         "TWiP This Week in Photography", multiple hosts & interviewers
·         The Photographer & Model Podcast”, host / photographer – Ron Davis; host / model – Shawna Rencher

Also, although this is not a podcast I regularly watch DigitalRevTV on YouTube.  This is a Hong Kong based video review of various photography subjects.

Of the podcasts I mentioned above I probably enjoy Tips From The Top Floor (Chris has a great sense of humor & covers the technical side of photography), The Candid Frame (Ibarionex is a smooth interviewer), & TWiT Photo (amazing guests) the most.   However, to be honest I like them all and listen to them religiously.

Bottomline, if you think about photography as much as I do; now you have another way to fill your photo knowledge jones.  Check out these podcasts.

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