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Ok, so this isn't a typical blog / Flickr quality photo that I would normally post, but this one's for fun.  Last weekend was the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.  I live just north of town, and it happens my house is directly on the flight path of aircraft that participate in the opening ceremonies of all events at the 500.  I was outside my house on Memorial Day and happened to hear something strange.  I looked up, and guess what, a B2 Bomber was bearing down on my house.  You'll note the corner of the image is the corner of my roof.

I stepped inside and picked up my trusty Nikon and shot about 25 shots while it passing by lazily.  I swear it was so low you could see the markings.  Man, that thing was super quiet and coming straight on almost impossible to see.  Very cool.

Lesson for the day.  Keep you camera on P mode between shoots, so it's ready to rock and roll.  Not every photo needs to be of uber quality if all you're trying to do is capture the moment.

Naptown Roller Girls Shoot

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