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One of the things I’ve done over the past year for the company I work is to provide photo services on the cheap. I mean for free! We do many civic-type of events and occasional internal awards presentations. About a year ago I volunteered to shoot a few photos for the company’s use, and now I’m being asked to take photos regularly.

The nice thing about providing free photo services is I consider it the same as volunteering for the event, and we wouldn't have hired a professional photographer anyway. I’m not taking work away from a pro. I generally don’t spend lots of post processing time except for the occasional “auto” corrections in Adobe Lightroom 3. Also, I shoot in jpg. That’s right I said it, jpg.

This weekend we sponsored an electronics & cell phone recycling event at the Indianapolis Zoo. Rain or shine, and it did rain. The internal organizers arranged employees to come out in shifts and unload cars, vans and trucks of their old and unwanted electronics.

Don’t hate me but I actually shot in “P”. No, that doesn’t stand for “professional”. I figured since the photos were destined for newsletters and maybe a Facebook page, no harm no foul. All shots used diffused on camera flash using a Nikon SB-600 in TTL and a Nikkor 24-70mm at f/5.6. I also used a Tokina 10-24mm f/4 mounted on a second Nikon D300s for wider shots.

Overall, a great time with some great folks, for a good cause. Anyway, shooting photos got me out of lifting those heavy electronics out of people's cars!!

City Shooter

Andy Chen, Part Deux