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Model Photography Tips From A Pro

Here are additional tips for a model shoot. This comes from Jeff Greer an East Coast based photographer who used to live in Indianapolis. While here Jeff taught several photo classes that I took. He can be found at:

These are all excellent tips.

1) A make-up artist can be a huge help but only if you get a good one. Also expect to tell them the look you want (tear sheets are very helpful).

2) Don't expect a model to bring clothes to match a look you want. A lot of models come in everyday clothes, which isn't going to work. Or they bring whatever clothes they have that they think are hip or stylish. Often this ends up looking like club wear, sometimes really bad club wear. A hat, an interesting necklace or a stylish coat can do a world of good. If it is a female model, you can ask for clothing that can be worn off-the-shoulder (good to ask them to bring a strapless bra) and you can always fall back to a head-and-shoulder look, leaving clothing entirely out of the frame.

3) Unless I am doing the young, in-your-face skateboard look (which I don't do), I stay away from wide focal lengths. I rarely use anything wider than 50mm and often go with 105mm on an FX camera.

4) Fashion lighting is often simple. Most of the times I get by with one or two lights.

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