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The weather started out rainy today, but I decided to head south to the Brown County State Park near Nashville, IN. I figured if I missed going out this weekend I wouldn't have a chance to go until after the leaves were all on the ground.

The photoshoot turned out well. The only problem was that yellow was the color du' jour. Not much variety.

This shot is taken with my new Nikon D300s, and a Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens. I purposely blocked the sun to get the exposure and then moved the camera slightly to let the sun peek through. Wanted to get a flair effect.

Too bad I don't live in Canada any more. This is a great "I Am Canadian" shot ... get it a maple leaf. Anyway, this was taken with my Nikon D200 using a Nikkor 18-135mm lense. F-stop set almost as wide as it could go at 4 so that I could get maximum DOF blurring of the background.

Took lots of pictures today, which I try to do whenever I go out. Now it's your turn, pick up your camera and shoot away.

Nikkor Beauty

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