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Nikkor recently introduced it's new AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8G DX lens. I've been anxiously waiting to purchase one since they came out, but alas they have been hard to get. Found one this weekend at Roberts in downtown Indianapolis. Sweet...

This 50mm equivalent lens on a DX sized sensor is uber fast with a maximum aperture of f/1.8. I took it out for a spin as soon as I purchased it. So far, I'm extremely happy with the lens. Here it is:

The lens (mounted on my Nikon D200) has ultra smooth, lightning quick focus. I was amazed at how fast I could set my camera speed which is very useful to capture fast moving action or in bright settings. I took it out on an extremely sunny day and took the following shot. Tack sharp.

For this image I set my Nikon D200 at F/1.8 in aperture priority. ISO at 100 and speed clocked at 1/2500.

I also brought the lens out at night to see how it operated in low light. I was not disappointed. Mounted on a tripod I was able to get a super sharp night shot at F/10, ISO 100 and shutter speed at 15 seconds. Also in aperture priority. Here is the shot.

I also played around with DOF using the F/1.8 to it's fullest affect. Amazing. I'll post a few of those shots later.

Bottomline, at only $200 I think the new Nikkor 35mm F/1.8 (50mm equivalent on a DX camera) is a must for any photographer's kit, whether you are an amateur or a pro. It's compact, it's fast, it's lightweight but sturdy, and affordable. Me Like!

OK, pick up your camera and shoot away. I do!!

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