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Straight on shots can be boring. Portraits, very acceptable. Family picture, A-OK. Picture of the dog, cool. BUT, I like street scene photoshoots, motion blur and trying to capture images from different perspectives (angle that the photo is shot).

Most photo articles and instructors will stress that images can be more interesting if you bend the rules of perspective. Instead of taking a landscape shot with the horizon in the middle of the photo, move it up to the top 1/3 of the image, or the bottom 1/3. Or, better yet tilt the horizon. Street shots can be done the same way. Often the effect is interesting.

I tried this the other day at a show at Moria. I shot The Sorely Trying Days and Prizzy Prizzy Please. A couple of Indie bands. Nice beat.

In the shot of Prizzy Prizzy Please I was standing on a chair shooting down (risking my health and camera since people were dancing and bumping into me...I was thinking to myself if I get knocked off the chair how do I land so I don't break my camera?). I purposely tried to get just a glimps of the band. Here we go:

One of the goals of the image was to try to draw your eye away from the center. Note, I also converted this to B&W, but more on that in a later post.

The next shot was up close and personal with the lead singer of The Sorely Trying Days. This guy really had it going on. I got down on my knees and shot straight up. It took a few minutes for my old bones to get back up, but I like the effect. Much more interesting than if I was face on with him.

BTW, I took both images with a Nikon D200, Manual setting, white balance set to flash, f8, with a Tokina SD 12-24mm F4 IF DX lens. ISO set to 200. Nikon SB-600 flash unit, camera mounted, but with a Lumiquest Ultra Soft kit.

The moral of the photography story, try something different. Shoot that flower at grown level versus from above, shoot down on your subject for a portrait. Mix it up, I'm sure it will give you an interesting image.

Bottomline, grab your camera and shoot away. I do!

F/2.8 At Night

Hip Guys and Gals Only