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Photo Movie - I Can Hear Hollywood Calling

I use Picasa 3 from Google to catalog my images. OK, OK I know I should be using Adobe Lightroom or another high end program, but until (or better yet if) I make money on this fairly expensive hobby I'll put my money on equipment like lenses and save a bit on other items. Come on, I still use Photoshop CS.

Anyway, like I was saying I use Picasa 3 (did I say it was free from Google?) to catalog my images. The other day I was playing around with the Movie app that's embedded in the program. Thought I would put together a movie of some of my images.

It's a very basic program somewhat similar to MS-Movie Maker, but a skinner version. It's uber easy and in a few minutes you have yourself a basic video clip. You can do some basic transitions and add in a music clip. No instructions needed.

I created a movie and downloaded it to my Blackberry to show to my friends and bore my work colleagues.

Bottomline, if you want a very basic but easy to use movie creator, check out Picasa 3 from Google. Did I mention it's free?

Portrait Photoshoot with Mr. F/2.8 70-200mm

Motion Blur