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Clare With Colors

2019-06-21 12.51.01-2.jpg

I recently did a photoshoot with a model I’ve worked with previously, Clare Fredrick. When I put together the mood board, Clare wanted to try a few shots with bright dominant colors throughout the image. We used the following images for inspiration on the mood board

2019-06-19 03.03.53.jpg

Using this style and this much color is not my typical style, but I thought it would be fun to try.

It was a fairly simple setup. First, I used 2 colored backgrounds. A Savage Universal 53” seamless background paper. One mounted on a standard background stand and the other on a Kupo C-Stand.

2019-06-20 15.21.54-2.jpg

I then had Clare stand about 2 feet away from the paper. She wore clothing that matched the theme.

2019-06-20 12.56.46-2.jpg

Next was setting up the light, modifier and gel. I simply used an Elinchrom BRX500 mounted on another Kupo C-stand. On the BRX I used a standard Elinchrom 8” reflector with no internal diffuser. To the front of the reflector I used a couple of clothespins to hold on a yellow and CTO gel.

2019-06-21 12.51.01-2.jpg
2019-06-21 12.51.54-2.jpg

I set the light about 3 feet away from Clare at head height, turned off all the studio lights (except enough to focus my camera) and shot away. As always my Nikon D810 was set to f/9, ISO 160 and speed at 1/160. I metered the light to this setting. I used a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens.

And the results

Clare Frederick-134.jpg
Clare Frederick-166.jpg

Not my usual style, but I like it and it’s fun to mix it up.

Plastic In Pink - The Setup