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What to Expect When Submitting to a Model Agency

Model Auja Smith with SEEN Model Management

Model Auja Smith with SEEN Model Management

You want to be represented by a model agency? You might be scouted, but more likely you go to an agency casting call, you do a look-see, or you’ve submitted online. What’s next??

Honestly, in most cases, NOTHING.

That’s right, you will likely receive no feedback or follow-up. In most cases the only time you receive feedback is when the agency is interested. Yes, there are exceptions but don’t be surprised if you hear nothing. Don’t take it personally.

Should you contact the agency to follow-up, ask why you weren’t selected, beg, etc.? Short answer, NO. Again, this is a general rule, but it’s the best approach. Also, NEVER complain to the agency or online.

When might your follow-up? If you went to a look-see or a casting and the agent said it was OK to follow-up or gave you their card. It’s reasonable to send a polite email and make an inquiry. However, DON’T bug, beg or complain. That gets you less than nowhere.

Remember, agencies often represent specific looks / personalities / talent type or have a specific need to fill on their board. You may be a great model or have huge potential, but you don’t fit their need. Or they saw something they don’t like, don’t think you’re ready, don’t like your social media numbers / content, etc., etc. There may be lots of reasons. Bottomline, they didn’t select you. If they didn’t, don’t expect them to tell you why or to follow-up.

That’s just the business practice of the industry.

If you are represented by a mother agency, the mother agent will be walking you thru the process and may find out why you weren’t selected. But, don’t count on it. 

Why don’t they follow-up? Lots of reasons, they don’t have time, they don’t want to say anything that might upset you (this is a subjective industry), or they don’t want to open themselves up to negative feedback on why you weren’t accepted (“what, you have something against curvy models???”). Whatever the reason, don’t expect feedback unless they are interested. 

I didn’t hear back. What now?  

First, don’t get down on yourself or complain. A pity party may feel good, but it doesn’t help you get represented. Second, look again at the agency boards and see the type of model the agency represents. Look at the talent & the talent’s socials. Do you have something that you think will fit their needs? If you don’t it might be the wrong agency for you. Third, try again. There’s nothing wrong with re-submitting to the same agency in the future. Give it some time, but resubmit. One advice, use updated photos. Or submit to a different agency.

Bottomline, keep trying. Just because you don’t hear back doesn’t mean you won’t eventually get a YES! Stay focused, keep practicing & keep the dream alive!

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