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Street & Urban Photography Meetup Group

A bit off the subject, but when not photographing in a studio I'm doing "street photography". It's totally enjoyable.  One thing I've noticed is when I do street photography I enjoy doing it with a small group versus solo.  Yes, it can be a solo sport, but for me I enjoy the conversation and sharing what others photograph.  Also, I enjoy doing street photography in other locations, not just the city I live.

Therefore, I'm putting together a small street photography group.  The goal for the group is to meet at least monthly and visit cities / town within an easy driving distance from my current hometown, Indianapolis.  The group would drive to the city, shoot for 4-5 hours and then drive back the same day.  It will make for a long day, but an enjoyable day.

Mid month we could get together to share our photos, critique each other, and talk about street photography.  Since I have a gallery in my studio that is on display every First Friday I might even host a meetup group exhibit.

Why write this blog Steve?  Well, I'm putting out an invite.  I want to initially limit the group to 4 people including myself. If it works then I can expand, but for now I want to keep it a small group that can fit into 1 car & doesn't look like a camera toting horde while walking down the street.

Who do I think would enjoy being in the meetup group?  People with the following characteristics:

  • Someone who is interactive.   Part of the enjoyment is the conversation while shooting.
  • A personality consistent with the group.  Don't take that wrong, but this is supposed to be fun so it would be nice that everyone has a personality that supports this idea. 
  • Someone with at least a basic knowledge of street, urban, urbex, architectural, street portrait-styled photography.
  • Someone who is able to take a full Saturday off if planned out maybe a couple of weeks in advance.
  • Willing to kick in a few $$$ each trip to help pay for gas
  • Would be willing to organize the occasional trip
  • Is somewhat active on social media and likes to share their photos online
  • Potentially has contacts in one or two of the cities we visit.
  • Is in reasonable street photography shape.  There will be lots of walking.
  • Lives in / around the Indianapolis area (or willing to start a day-trip from here)

I have 1 person identified, so I'm looking for 2 - 4 more people to join the meetup group. Nothing super formal about the meetup at this time.  Once we have the group organized I'll host a get together in my studio and we can hammer out the details and schedule.  One other idea is to hook up with a street photographer in each city we visit and have them act as our guide.  That would make the day more enjoyable.

OK, lets do this!! Either shoot me an email via my Contact page or stay tuned to my social media posts.

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