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27" Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octa Test

I'm trying to find the prefered modifier / lighting for my model photography 1 light setup for studio.  Of course, there isn't a best lighting setup as it comes down to personal preferences & achieving what you want to capture.  There will always be people who pooh-pooh comments like this and tell you they have the "perfect" lighting setup....OK, if you say so.

Anyway, I've typically used either a 27" Elinchrom beauty dish, a 24" Paul C. Buff Beauty Dish, or a 54" Elinchrom Octabank.  I also use a 72" Parabolic when I want wider pinpoint lighting.  You'll note in my last post I tested a Paul C. Buff 47" Octabank.  Really liked it for studio work.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I assisted a photographer who used a 27" Profoto Deep Octa.  The quality was outstanding.  Since I don't own Profoto kit I decided to buy an Elinchrom Rotalux  27" deep octa to get similar results.  He she is:

OK, OK, it's a Paul C. Buff light but I wanted to have the flexibility to run it on my Einstein so I also purchased a mount for the Paul C. Buff Einstein.  This gives me the flexibility to use this reflector on both of my lighting kits.

To test this setup against the 47" Octabox I used the same settings.  I used a Savage fashion grey seamless backdrop, set my model 8" from the backdrop and positioned the hotspot of the light about 3 feet from the model.  I used both the internal & external diffuser sock, but I didn't use the internal opaque reflector.  Camera settings were ISO 160, f/9, 1/160.  I used exposure compensation between 0-1.0 to get a punchier look for B&W. I metered my lights to get these settings.

I'm really happy with the modifier.  More directional than the beauty dish and the less deep 47" octabox.  There was still enough spread to the light to provide adequate lighting from knees up. I think I will use this setup more often.  Next test will be to test this modifier next to the beauty dish.  Stay tuned.  Here are some images from the shoot.

Model Kat Gulling with MUA Danelle French & hair by Veronica Renee

Model Kat Gulling with MUA Danelle French & hair by Veronica Renee

Model Mei Li Zheng MUA Danelle French & hair by Mary Landwer

Model Mei Li Zheng MUA Danelle French & hair by Mary Landwer

Another benefit of this light is it's portability.  It's lightweight and portable.  It would be easy to use on location as well as in my studio.  Say hello to my new "little friend"

My New Favorite Light Modifier - The Rotalux 27" Deep Octa

Paul Buff 47" Octabox Lighting Test