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Street Photography Workflow

Saturday In Paris

Saturday In Paris

I participated in a street photography workshop in Paris with Valerie Jardin.  One of the cameras I used was the new Sony Alpha A6000.  A small ILC APS-C sensor camera. Stealthy. 

One of the fun things about combining the camera with a post processing app and a smartphone is the ability to post to social media immediately while you are still engaged.  

Here is the workflow I used several times while sitting in a Paris cafe.  

Step 1 - select an image on your camera,  

Step 2 - for the Sony A6000 use the camera's WiFi functionality & the Sony PlayMemories app to transfer the image to your phone (I'm using an iPhone 4s),

Step 3 - process the image in your post processing app of choice. I'm using Snapseed. 

Step 4 - send the photo out to social media

Since I didn't have a data plan while in Paris I simply used a local WiFi hotspot I was able to connect to at the cafe. I uploaded several images to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. 

It was fun to share while it was happening using this simple workflow. Just think what the future holds! 

Non-Commissioned Magazine Submission

Street Photography with the Sony A6000