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Street Photography with the Sony A6000

I'm currently on a street photography workshop with Valerie Jardin in Paris. So far it's been great. I decided to bring my new Sony A6000 as on of my cameras. This is my stealth mode camera. 

I immediately noticed one design quirk. Not a biggie, and there are ways around it, but still.  

Here it is - when you flip up the LCD & hold the camera at waste level close to your body the LCD turns off.  Not good if you want to take those stealthy shots.  

What happens is the eye sensor probably senses the distance turning on the EVF & turning off the LCD. By pulling the camera away from your body the LCD turns back on.  Kind of defeats the stealth mode.  

I can fix this by turning off the EVF, but most of my shooting is thru the viewfinder.  

Other than that it's much better for the streets than my DSLR. More later.  

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