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Sony Alpha A6000 vs Sunny Day

On my last post I noted the monitor on my new Sony Alpha A6000 was basically useless in bright, sunny light.  I had read this was an issue, but I didn't think it would be "that" bad.  However, it was.  I took it out yesterday and same problem.

Hold on now, it appears I missed a simple step.  In the MENU under the tool box settings, the first option is "Monitor Brightness".  I set it to Sunny Weather and the monitor brightens considerably.  I took it out tonight in the sun and the monitor is MUCH better.  I still had to shade it in the direct sun, but in most outdoor situations it appears to be useable.  The setting also becomes the default until you change it back.  The functionality is also available in the EVF.  Excellent, and it once again reminds me that sometimes it pays to look at all the settings.

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Sony Alpha A6000 vs Sunny Day