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Model Emily Gregory

Grey Background & Alien Bee Ring Light

Grey Background & Alien Bee Ring Light

Photoshoot with model Emily Gregory today.  I've worked with Emily once before and wanted to do another studio session because, well...she's got skills.  I had an open spot in my studio schedule & wanted to shoot, so I put out a casting.  Emily was the first to respond.  Done.

We agreed on the general vibe, clothes and look we were both going for.  Even though this was a casual shoot I still prepared a call sheet, and we agreed on the time.

Although most of the shoot was in a space outside of the studio, I did plan one of the looks in studio.  A simple setup using a 54" Savage Paper fashion grey background mounted on a Kupo C-Stand.  For lighting I used an Alien Bee ABR800 ring light mounted with a moon unit.  I mounted this on a Manfrotto boom arm light stand.  

The first set was shot with the light set camera right about 6' high.  I moved the light around a few times, and did one set with a longer lens AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII through the ring light.  The rest of the photos of set was shot with an AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4mm prime.  Throughout the shoot (all sets) I had my normal camera settings of M mode, flash WB, 1/160, ISO 160 and metered my lights to f/9.  On one set later I metered to f/4 to drop the DOF.

After this first set, Emily changed clothes, grabbed another change, and we headed upstairs to an unfinished part of the Circle City Industrial Complex.  There is an office area that is in mid construction so there are several unfinished walls to shoot against.  Cool.

For this part of the shoot I used an Elinchrom D-Lite 400W monolight mounted with a Rotalux 36"x43" softbox.  A simple 1 light set.  All photos were shot with a Nikon D600 with either the 50mm or the 70-200mm mentioned above.  Most of the time with the 50mm. 

For this set I had Emily stand, sit, & lie down against a white wall that consisted of a drywall.  We got additional fill light from a large window.  On some occasions I used the window light as key and the Elinchrom just to get harsh shadows.  We spent about an hour just playing around posing.  I brought a small studio posing box and had Emily both sit and stand on it just to get different looks.

Emily changed clothes again & we went into an area that was once a cafeteria.  There is a cool ceramic tiled wall and broken window blinds.  Same lighting set up, but set at several different angles to Emily.  We tried about 4 different locations in this area and got some interesting looks.  

In B&W Against A Window

In B&W Against A Window

Emily has excellent posing skills, so I did minimal directing.  She knows how to work with a photographer, work the lights and angles.  I've said this before - I know how to direct a model, but I can't tell how much easier it is to work with someone who has this skill down tight.

Well, before we knew it we had killed 3 hours and we wrapped things up.  We had a good time.  One other thing we did which I dig....I took about 15 photos with an old schoolie Polaroid Colorpack II Land Camera and an Instax Mini.  

Polaroid Goodness

Polaroid Goodness

Sony Alpha A6000 vs Sunny Day

Photowalk with an Olympus OM-D E-M1