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Time for a GoPro

I know, I know, I'm behind the curve on this, but I'm trying to get into video to compliment my traditional photography.  For the longest time I've wanted to do "behind the scenes" type videos of my photoshoots, take 1st person videos, video podcasts, videos of models posing, etc.  

I've done a few stop action & videos using my Nikon DSLR's but I needed something smaller and more flexible.  So, to compliment my DSLR (which I will use), I purchased a GoPro Hero 3+.  

I enjoy watching GoPro videos and I have a list of ideas I want to try.  So, stay tuned to this channel as I post about my experience jumping into video and the GoPro Hero 3+

Here we go!

"Say Hello To My Little Friend"

"Say Hello To My Little Friend"

Who Are These People?

Wacom Tablet All The Way