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Simple Lighting Setup & Grey Studio Wall

Model Caroline Anne

Model Caroline Anne

Most my studio work is done in the main part of our studio on a seamless background.  However, occasionally I go simple.  In this case one studio strobe as my key and only light & one of the studio gallery's grey walls.  I did a full shoot in studio recently and between looks I decided to use a simple light setup and shot against the gallery's grey wall.  Simple.  

Lighting for the setup was an Elinchrom D-Lite 4 studio strobe.  Mounted on the key light was an Elinchrom 27" beauty dish reflector with an interior white .  On the beauty dish I mounted the white diffuser sock.  I triggered the Einstein with an Elinchrom EL-Skyport.  I mounted the light on a counter-weighted manfrotto boom arm.  I shot against one of the walls in the studio gallery.  This gave me only about 10' between the wall & the other wall.  Therefore, I had to set the key light up fairly close to my models.  

Here's a photo (pretty poor I admit) of the key light setup

I powered the strobe with a Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini battery pack.  I bought the Vagabond from a friend a few weeks ago and I really like it.  Super long lasting and consistent power.  

I used my normal camera setting as a starting point of 1/160 second, ISO 160 and metered the studio strobe to f/9 using my light meter.  The gallery has small halogen spot lights on the ceiling and for this quickie shoot I turned off the spot lights & propped a big piece of white foam core over the window to block the ambient light from coming in.  

Pretty simple and for quick agency Polaroid sets or for head shots this setup works fine.  Bottomline, you don't need to have a well equipped studio to do this type of look.  Just a grey wall and a a few feet of space.  

Model Jazmin Feuerstein

Model Jazmin Feuerstein

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