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LuckyB Boutique - A Location Shoot

I was recently asked to participated in a location shoot for local fashion boutique, Lucky B Boutique in the Broad Ripple suburb of Indianapolis by a MUA friend, Danelle French.  I was happy to help because I enjoy working with Danelle, and I wanted to meet Brandi who owns the Boutique.  I also had a chance to work with Anthony Perez, a local hair stylist that I've worked with several times. 

The goal was to shoot outside of the studio taking advantage of the fall colors & vibe of the area.  The photos were going to be used for Lucky B's social media & online catalogue.  Lighting would be fairly simple.  No studio lighting, although I did bring plenty of lighting if needed (i.e. if we decided to do some shoots in the store).  Therefore, the lighting was primarily natural, speed lights & a reflector.  

Starting around 5pm and with MU & hair taking 30-60 minutes we wouldn't have a lot of time to work outside before it started to get dark.  I figured we would have 2-2 1/2 hours at most.  We started the first look in an area close to the shop with moderate shade & sunlight and lots of fall colors.  The lighting made the fall colors pop & gave us the opportunity to use the reflector.  For this shoot I did use a grey card at each change, but I didn't use a light meter to set my camera.  This is different than what I do in studio.

I used Aperture priority for the first set.  I set ISO at 200 increasing it to 400 as needed on my Nikon D600.  Aperture set at f/2.8 to start opening it to f/5.6.  This allowed my speed to stay around 1/200.  We spent about 30 minutes on the first look at the first location.  I started with the reflector, but only used it a few times.

The next look was across the street on a patio bar.  The setting sun was in the back of our models, so I used a single unmodified Nikon SB-910 speed light as a fill light.  I put the speed light on a simple light stand and set it to manual.  The speed light was triggered with a set of Elinchrom Skyport triggers.  Settings for the camera were about the same, except I changed from aperture priority to manual.  We shot here for about 30-45 minutes.  Back to the shop for the final look.

This setting for the final look was to have our models simply walk along the sidewalk in a street photographer type of vibe.  For this set I used no lighting except for natural light.  I set my camera to aperture priority routinely changing my aperture and fired away.  It was starting to get "darker" so my camera's speed was becoming to slow.  I was having my models walk into the camera so I was getting a bit of motion blur.  This was expected and again, because we were going for a street scene look; tack sharp focus wasn't critical.  We did do a few set poses during this set.  Also, for a different look, we ran into the middle of the street did a quick set in a turn lane while traffic was stopped.  A fun look.

Bottomline, this shoot was completely different from a very controlled studio set.  We dealt with changing light, kids running behind our models, cars in the street, a crowded neighborhood, and a fairly tight time line.  However, we got plenty of good shots for Lucky B's social media use.  

Here are some photos posted on Instagram of the shoot & BTS (click through).

Polaroids from the shoot, for fun

Polaroids from the shoot, for fun

Street Photography - Staged With Models

One Lighting Setup - Katie Jo