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One Lighting Setup - Katie Jo

I did a photo shoot with model, Katie Jo, this past weekend for publication.  However, between "looks" we decided to do a straight forward head shot.  The goal was to give the images to the hair stylist, model & MUA for their portfolio.  I wanted to do simple lighting that focused on Katie's face and subtly on her hair.  

The background for the setup was a piece of black 3'x4' foam core clamped to a flexible arm on a Kupo C-Stand.  Simply raised it up so it was behind Katie.  Lighting was an Elinchrom D-Lite 4 studio strobe with an Elinchrom 8.25" reflector.  The light was diffused with a 30 degree grid.  This was mounted on a Manfrotto boom stand.  

The light was set about 4' away from Katie camera right about 7' high.  I pre-flashed the light while Katie was standing to the side to make sure the circle of light from the gridded strobe landed square in the middle of the backdrop.  I wanted the majority of the light to fall on my model's face, and drop off quickly.

Light was metered at f/9 with my Nikon D600 settings at ISO 160, speed 1/160 of a second.  I ended up stopping down to f/10 during the shoot.  

Really, that was it.  We only took about 4-5 minutes between each look to crank off about 10 shots per look. 

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