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Behind The Scenes Video!

I recently did a photo shoot with Indianapolis based model Caroline Nauth where I had a behind the scenes video done.

The concept was to let others see how a typical shoot flows, and hey, I just wanted to have a BTS video.  I reached out to local photographer, Katie Moon, who had created similar videos.  Once we agreed to the concept and Katie's rate I hired a makeup and hair.  Hair stylist was provided by Tiffany Holmes and makeup by Danelle French.  I've worked with both Tiffany and Danelle previously, and I knew they would be great. 

I've worked with Caroline several times previously and I know she has the skills to do the type of posing / flow that I was looking to get.  I wanted a more hectic / upbeat vibe to the shoot and therefore the video.  Also, since I've been processing in black & white recently, this was going to be the theme of the video as well. 

Setup for the shoot was straight forward.  I set my camera at the typical settings of 1/160, ISO 160 and f/9.  I used my Nikon D600.  Lens used was a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 G. Single light was used.  An Elinchrom 1200X with an Elinchrom 27" beauty dish with a white diffuser sock. 

You'll notice from the video that we did 2 looks and gave Caroline "big hair".  Since Caroline's hair is so long this created the desired look the shoot and video.  Flowing hair & sharp moves.  I think it worked well. 

Bottomline, we had a great time and I think the video came out well.  Enjoy

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