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Flow & Consistent Look

Had a chance to have coffee with an established fashion photographer Friday evening.  One of the topics discussed was the importance of a clean and effective website if you're trying to work with an agency.  After our conversation its obvious I need to work on my portfolio to focus on a consistent look.  Here are some comments from our conversation:

  • Your portfolio needs a consistent look ("flow"),
  • Hair & makeup doesn't have to be similar but the look needs to be consistent (i.e., don't put in something over the top if everything else has a fashion look), 
  • Its OK to mix color & B&W as long the tone smoothly transitions, 
  • Fashion photographs should be cropped 9x12" ,
  • Use models with similar skin tones,
  • Put only your best images in your portfolio, 
  • Have other photographers or trusted individual review your portfiolio.  It's always helpful to get other people's opinion,
  • Have photos in your portfolio consistent with the work you're trying to represent.  If you are looking for fashion representation, don't add family portraits or wedding work as an example. 

I have some work to do...... 

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