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Presentation on Model Photography - Part 1

I recently gave a presentation on model photography to an Indianapolis camera club that I am a member.  I thought I would share some of the topics I shared.  Here are the last comments I made during the presentation.  This section was called "Basics, Courtesies, & Steve's Rules".  They are:  

  • Have a portfolio site - keep it relevant and up to date,
  • Get a model release,
  • Understand posing - look at photos and learn how to direct, bring images to a shoot for inspiration,
  • Only put your best stuff out online - refresh your photos regularly,
  • Use different models - don't overshoot the same person,
  • This genre is ALL about your reputation, 
  • Do not flake on a shoot, but expect to be flaked,
  • Communicate actively & regularly, 
  • If a model contacts you and says he / she wants to shoot - they are often looking for paid gigs, 
  • Never, ever serve your model or creative team alcohol & don't use a model if he / she has alcohol before the shoot. 

These are my rules, but obviously obviously everyone has their own.  Basically, develop your style and rules and then make sure you stick to them. 


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